brooklyn - los angeles - minneapolis
director, cinematographer, co-founder of First Hunt

member of Cinematographers XX, NYWIFT

Aly is a New York based director and cinematographer interested in creating female-centric stories in subversively feminist stories.  She has had the privilege of collaborating with incredible actresses, including Natalia Dyer, Helena Howard, and Gina Piersanti, and together have created multi-dimensional portrayals of young women. Twist, her upcoming short, follows a teenager (Helena Howard) in a dark yet truthful take on traditional coming of age stories. Her short, After Her (2018), was an atmospheric sci-fi that explored the marginalization of the token “lost girl” and played over 20 festivals, including Sarasota, Montclair, Dallas, Florida and Woodstock, and will be coming out on DUST later this year. As a cinematographer and camera operator, she has shot commercially for clients such as Zara, Masterclass, Nickelodeon, Reebok, Citibank, Converse, NowThis, Johnnie Walker, Nike, Allure, Aetna, Google, iD, and Vice. She is an Easy Rig ambassador, pushing the initiative of female-forward camera gear to help make the industry more inclusive. She is a member of Cinematographers XX, Cinefemme and NYWIFT.

Director Aly Migliori's "After Her" Reshapes The "Lost Girl" Story - BUST
CinematograpHER workshop focuses on empowering women interested in film - Missourian
Adjusting the Lens in AFTER HER - Moveable Fest
A Story to Tell - Cranston Herald
Bringing Festivities to the Big Screen - Johnston Sunrise
Cinematographer Aly Migliori on the Easyrig Cinemaflex Vest - Kitsplit

Awarded emerging female filmmaker by New England Film Festival
Nominated Filmmaker to Watch at Atlanta Film Festival '15 & '18
New Maverick - Atlanta Film Festival 2015
Impose Magazine Top Ten Music Videos of 2016 - STORMY WEATHER







TWIST (SHORT FILM) - POST PRODUCTION - starring Helena Howard



Starring Natalia Dyer and Christopher Dylan White
Writer, Director, Cinematographer
Produced by Laura Heberton, Zander Fife
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Florida Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, IFFBoston, Dallas International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, RSC Shorts by Denver Film Society, Las Vegas Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Hollyshorts, Dancing Spider Film Festival, Bend Film Festival, Eastern Oregon Film Festival, Citizen Jane Film Festival, SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, New Hampshire Film Festival, Nitehawk Film Festival




Starring Gina Piersanti, Altagracia Guzman and Amanda Sophia Ebert
Writer, Director

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Atlanta Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, IFFBoston, Nashville Film Festival, Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival, Sarasota Film Festival, Saint Louis International Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival, Skyway Film Festival