USA | 2019 - World premiere at Tribeca Film Festival 2019

TRT: 00:10:39

No choice but to walk home alone, Hannah sees an opportunity for a ride, but others see an opportunity in her.

Feminist Thriller / Drama

You’ll never forget your first time.


STARRING Helena Howard

(Madeline’s Madeline)

25 New Faces of Independent Cinema 2018

Nominated for Breakthrough Actor, Gotham Awards 2018

Nominated for Best Female Lead, Independent Spirit Awards


PRODUCER Zander Fife
First Hunt Films


Director Aly Migliori's "After Her" Reshapes The "Lost Girl" Story - BUST

Adjusting the Lens in AFTER HER - Moveable Fest




Aly is a New York based director and cinematographer interested in developing subversively feminist stories that entertain and provoke. Twist, her upcoming film, follows a teenager (Helena Howard) in a dark yet truthful take on the traditional coming of age story. After Her (2018), is an atmospheric sci-fi that explored the marginalization of the tokenized lost girl (Natalia Dyer) and played over 20 festivals, including Sarasota, Atlanta, and Dallas, and will be available online in Spring 2019. As a cinematographer, she has shot commercially for clients such as Zara, Masterclass, and Nickelodeon. She is an Easy Rig ambassador, pushing the initiative of female-forward camera gear to help make the industry more inclusive. Aly studied Economics and Semiotics at Brown University. She is a member of Cinematographers XX and NYWIFT.


I was interested in a creating a female coming of age story - but one less explored and far more dark - a hard look at the moment where a seemingly innocuous situation can turn sour; forcing a harsh moment of clarity and abandonment of naivety.  Tonally and visually, the film is inspired by the character-motivated tension and irony of Straw Dogs, Nocturnal Animals, and Clockwork Orange - re-lensed with a strong, evolving female lead. Twist is also meant to illustrate the gray lines in consent and victim-blaming. It follows a girl through her decision making, highlighting the very tough role that judgment takes on in unclear situations.

To me, the experience within the story is timeless; exploring that can always be relevant and meaningful. I hope the film leads you through a nuanced situation and creates understanding - seeing how some things may not mean much to one person, but have a lasting significance on another.  Working in subtext and within the "almost," our aim was to drop the audience in an ambiguous situation, ideally starting a dialogue about how subjective and impactful trauma can be.

This is the second short film in an anthology series running up to my feature film, AFTER HER, which is currently in development / re-writes. The narratives explore the same world of female mysticism and empowerment amidst the unknown, uncanny, and disturbing.

I’ve been able to cultivate interest through engagement with my 10k+ instagram followers (@aly_mig). The first short in the series, AFTER HER, will be widely released in the spring.

Awarded emerging female filmmaker by New England Film Festival
Nominated Filmmaker to Watch at Atlanta Film Festival '15 & '18
New Maverick - Atlanta Film Festival 2015
Impose Magazine Top Ten Music Videos of 2016 - STORMY WEATHER